Pipework Improvements & Radiator Replacements

Central heating installation is not only a  reference to your boiler. A central heating system is made up of many components such as:-

  • Pipe work for the gas supply
  • Radiator supplies
  • Hot and cold water supplies
  • Radiators

All of these components can have an effect on the way your boiler works. It is very easy to spend a lot of money on heating and hot water appliances. This money is also easily wasted if the infrastructure of your system is not correct.

For example:-

  • If the gas supply is undersized it will mean the appliance will not work to the efficiency specified by the manufacturer. It is also classed as an “at risk” situation by Gas Safe.
  • If the supplies to your radiators are not correctly sized it will impair the speed in which the boiler will circulate the central heating water therefore taking longer to heat the radiators and in turn your property.
  • A boiler will run for longer with a higher rate of gas consumption with undersized radiators that are not adequately heating a room.
  • If your demand for hot water is on the increase – fitting a higher capacity boiler is fine. The problem is if your water main isn’t supplying your property with an adequate flow rate the boiler will work no better than any other on the market.
  • Undersized radiators will fail to heat the rooms they are in causing the boiler to run longer consuming more gas.

Any of our installations are calculated according to the appliance and the application of the system. Whether it be a new installation of all gas, heating, hot and cold supplies or alterations of any of the supplies mentioned we will ensure your system is not impaired in any way. We undertake all alterations, extensions and replacements of supplies and radiators based on a visit to your property.

During the visit we will:

  • Make an assessment of your property to ensure the work you require will not impair the existing supplies/system.

If we believe it would we try to advise you on how to get what you require without causing said problems.

  • Talk you through the process of how and why we would make the alterations. For example, alterations to the gas supplies will vary based on how many gas appliances need to be supplied at any one time.
  • Also advice will be given as to whom you need to contact if the alterations involve your utility company.
  • Ensure that all new radiators supplied are sized correctly with the use of heat loss calculations.

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