Servicing Breakdown & System Repairs

Servicing and maintenance of your gas equipment is an important part of ensuring the safe and efficient operation of your gas appliances. There are many problems that can occur with your gas appliances. They can also go undetected for a long period of time unless a qualified gas safe engineer performs the annual service required by manufacturers.

On an annual service you could expect us to:-

  • Strip down the appliance to gain access to the combustion chamber (boilers) or the main burner (gas fires).
  • The gas burners and injectors are then thoroughly cleaned, this will ensure that any debris within the appliance is removed minimising the risk of blockages to the gas and airways.
  • All probes will be cleaned and assessed to make sure they are in good working order.
  • All seals will be checked to ensure no escape of gases are evident and cleaned.
  • Installation of the flue and gas supply will also be inspected.
  • Spillage and flue flow tests will be performed where applicable.
  • Once the appliance is put back to its original working condition a flue gas analysis will be performed to confirm that it is working safely and as efficiently as possible (where applicable).

We do not offer a service contract but we do offer the opportunity to join our service list. This means that once a year we will send you a reminder letter or e.mail informing you that your appliance/appliances are due for a service. If you decide you want us to service your appliance/appliances all you need to do is contact us.

This is a no financial obligation service, we only charge when work is carried out. Once you are on our service list we keep all information regarding your appliance history on file giving us all the information we need to provide you with a fast and reliable service.

Please contact us for more information on prices for any of the services mentioned by telephone or email.

About Us

LMS Gas Services is a family business established in 1995. We cover a wide area of south London and Kent (see listings for coverage)

We are fully insured and our engineers are Gas Safe registered. You can find us listed on the Gas Safe register and we are also members of the Good Practice Award Scheme with Southwark Trading Standards.

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